Back to Sewing

As soon as it starts getting warm outside and buds start to open, I spend all my free time outside in the garden. Now that the weather has turned colder and all my plants are hunkering down for the long winter, I have been yearning to sew again.

I finished my first project since Spring, tailoring not included. Though I would love to show it off to you, it’s a Christmas present for one of my blog readers. I can’t trust him/her not to peak. I know I would peak if given the chance.

Instead, I’ll show you the next project I plan to tackle with the goal of completing it before Christmas.

The pattern is from Marie-Madeline Studio’s line and is called the Brooke Handbag.

If finished on time, it will end up as a Christmas present, but I’m not sure to whom. Rarely do I know who a project is going to be for until after I finish it. It makes sewing much more enjoyable if deadlines and strict instructions can be tossed out the window.

By the way, Marie-Madeline is having a giveaway on their blog.

Since we’re speaking of Christmas, I can’t help but brag a bit. Don’t hate me, but I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping. Wait. Let me rephrase that so the family doesn’t think ill of Dan. Dan and I are almost finished with the Christmas shopping. Right.

It’s true I do the lion’s share, but then I love to hunt and to track down the perfect gift. Dan acts as my sound board and my cheerleader. It’s a good marriage.

Those are just some of the kids’ gifts … and we don’t have any kids of our own!

I hope to complete shopping by Thanksgiving, so I can dedicate the entire month of December to Holiday cooking and baking. I missed baking cookies one year because I had waited too long to shop and prepare for Christmas. It scarred me for life. I will never let that happen again. Food is a big part of what Christmas and the Holidays mean to me.


3 thoughts on “Back to Sewing

  1. I had a similar experience. We waited too long before we shopped for a tree – and then the only ones left were dead. We still bought one – but all the needles dropped off when you tried to hang an ornament. Things like that do scar you!

  2. Dont with your shopping you dog!!
    I use to be able to do that, but I seem to have lost my organizational abilities the last several years.

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