Finally Some Knitting

There is no more baseball. Somehow I have to get through 107 days before Spring Training will start. I hope to get some sewing, spinning and, of course, knitting done. I’m on a good roll. I already have knitting projects to show for.

The Grey Rievaulx cowl is washed, blocked, and waiting to be packaged up for my Aunt’s birthday. (Ravelry link here).

Forgive the furrowed brow, I took these pictures by myself, which required running back and forth between the camera and the tree. I had trouble getting in the right spot and saying “Cheese” before the flash went off.   

As mentioned previously, this cowl was designed by Kelly. I made one change to the pattern; I extended the ribbing section to 6 inches rather than the recommended 3.5 inches. I’m glad I did. It still has a lovely drape, but it allows you to wrap more material around your neck when the wind starts blowing. It hasn’t really started getting cold here in Pennsylvania, but it’s only a matter of time now.

But, wait, there’s more. I started on a new scarf design, a Dishcloth Scarf.

I am making this scarf as part of the class I will be teaching in the Pottstown Knit Out, Washcloths – How to Design and Knit Them. If you are in the area on Saturday, January 17th, please stop by.


4 thoughts on “Finally Some Knitting

  1. Great Cowl!

    It is great to see you, furrowed brow and all :) Sheesh I would never even attempt to take my own pic, what tenacity you have.

  2. Looks pretty, I love your hair, I have colored mine for years, I started greying in my 20’s. But red is something you can’t get looking right out of a bottle.

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