My Phillies Won!

The Phillies are 2008 World Series Champions!

I am still on cloud 9.

We had the game on Fox, so we could watch the game live. Plus, we had the radio on 1210 am so we could hear Harry Kalas, our long time broadcaster, call the play-by-play. Harry has been broadcasting for as long as I can remember. When I hear his voice in Spring, I know the Phillies season has started. We have other broadcasters, but Harry is the best. He always sounds excited when our boys do well as if it’s the first baseball game he’s seen.

Afterwords, we opened our front door to see if anybody else was celebrating. Boy, were they! Fireworks were going off. You could hear people yelling ‘Go Phillies’ followed by cheers. Even Jake barked to add to the mayhem.

I’ll be sporting my new Philly gear next week. We just had to have t-shirts that said ‘2008 World Series Champions’. People might just have to pry the memorabilia from my dead, cold hands 50 years from now.

Please stop by Tracie’s blog to check out the Phillies logo she posted on her sidebar. Her and her Rays are such good losers.

PS for the knitters: The pictures of the cowl are going to be delayed a bit. I took several pictures yesterday, but they all came out blurry. I am no good at standing still.


4 thoughts on “My Phillies Won!

  1. WTG! I am so happy for you, Marie. I am from Orlando and was favoring the Rays, however the Phillies have always been a fave of mine too. So I guess you could call me an undecided :)

    It is such a great feeling to see your team win, FINALLY!

  2. […] but Harry is the best. He always sounds excited when our boys do well as if it??s the first bas from NFL Forum…kidding. Anyway, I think this suspended game benefit to phillies because they […]

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