The Best Baseball Game I’ve ever been to

WOW! I am so glad I took the day off yesterday to attend the last Phillies game in the 4-game series against the Mets. It was amazing to be there. It was hands down the best baseball game I’ve ever been to.

Our Seats

It wasn’t a playoff game. It wasn’t a World Series game. So, why was it so good? Let me set the stage for you.

Coming up to this series, the Phillies knew they had to win. If we lost the series against the Mets, we would be out of the running for the playoffs. At the start of the series, we were sitting 7 games behind the Mets in our league. Thankfully, we won the first 3 games against the Mets. Thus, the Mets were desperate to save at least one game from the series.

The game was moved from a night game to a day game. Start time was 1:05 pm EST. The crows was 42.5K with approx 40:60 ratio of Mets fans to Phillies fans. To my right was my husband. To my left was a very nice, but very boisterous Mets fan.

And so the game started. The Phillies took a quick lead thanks to the homeruns from Howard, Rowand, and Patty (Pat Burrell). By the bottom of the 3rd inning, we were winning 5 to nothing and had retired their pitcher. No way the Mets come back from such a deficite.

Top of the 4th, the Mets score 3 and in so doing retired our pitcher. Top of the 5th rolls around and the Mets score 2 to tie the game. We gave up our entire lead! Ack! Throughout this entire comeback, the Mets fans are chanting Let’s Go Mets. We’re having a dickens of a time Booing them down.

Bottom of the 5th, the Phillies come back and score 3 runs off of 4 hits. That silenced the Mets fans. We’re winning again. Phillies fans are chanting “Sweep … Sweep … Sweep!”.

No runs are scored in the next 2 innings. Then comes the 8th inning. Pitching started to fall apart for us. Condrey is having trouble throwing a strike. Gotay starts the rally off by walking. Then, Alou walks. We start churning through the bull pen. First comes Alfonseca, but that only made things worse. He got booed off the mound by the Phillie fans after giving up the lead to the Mets. Then, we bring in Mesa. Phillie fans hold their breath; this is the same Mesa we booed out of town a few years ago when he could no longer save a game to save his life. He let one run in that truth be told was a run credited to Alfonseca. Mesa shut it down after that, but the top of the inning closes with the Mets winning 10 to 8.

Bottom of the 8th, Phillies come up. We manage to tack on 1 run thanks to Patty’s home run against one of the best closers, Wags (Billy Wagner).

Then comes the 9th, the Mets fans are cheering for their team. They get booed down. Then, Phills fans start up their cheers of Let’s Go Phillies and Sweep! Sweep! Sweep!

Flash Gordon trots in while Queen’s music plays on the loud speakers. He gives us fans a 1-2-3 inning.

Bottom of the 9th, now it’s our turn to bat. Worthy (Jason Werth) gets on base with a single. He steals 2nd. Then, he steals 3rd! Ishmael (Iguchi) hits a single and brings Worthy home, tying the game! It’s 10-10. Mets walk Jimmy (!!) to invoke a double play opportunity, but next up is Chutly (Chase Utley), the best 2nd baseman in the entire league this year. In true Chutley fashion, he hits a single and wins the game!

So, do you understand now? Back and forth the game went. I have my boisterous fan on one side rooting for the Mets. Hubby & I are rooting for the Phills … of course! The crowd was electric. The game was highly fought for. There were some amazing defense plays. You should have seen the ball Worthy caught at the warning track. Then, there were all the home runs plus all the hits. I was exhausted by the end of the game. My hands hurt; my throat hurt; and my head hurt. What a great game! Hats go off to both our Fighting Phills and to the Mets.

So what did I knit on the way to and fro the game? I can’t show you. I was working on the Mystery Project again. So, instead I’ll show you the center piece for Baby Flick’s quilt that I stitched together last night.


2 thoughts on “The Best Baseball Game I’ve ever been to

  1. Don’t you hate not being able to share what you’re working on? It drives me nuts. I’m all excited about an idea and I can’t talk to anyone other than John and my mentor about it. Gah! I want to shout from the rooftops how cool it is, and I can’t. Oh well.

    It sounds like it was a really good game. Glad you had fun! Oh, and the quilt looks awesome so far. I like the bright colors.

  2. I have been away for 9 days on vacation and yeah I was mad that I was gonna miss the series. Of all the games to miss, that series was not one of them. I should have come to your blog first because one of the first things I did was try and get all the scores from the games I missed. You write a great review. Sounds like that last game was amazing! But the Mets are still 5 games ahead don’t forget!

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