A Birthday Party & Beginnings of a new Quilt

Saturday we had friends over to celebrate M’s 43rd birthday. (The whole reason … well, excuse, really … to make the potato salad).

Aren’t these candles the cutest?!

Then, on Sunday, I finally got in some quality quilting time. I’ve been so busy knitting that I haven’t had a moment to dedicate to the 3 quilts I want to finish by year-end. If I don’t start soon, they’ll never get done in time. I’ll be up Christmas Eve night until all hours, which I suppose I’ll be doing anyway, but that’s not the point. My point is that I am so glad I had a chance to start the Chilli Pepper quilt I am making for my sister. (Here’s hoping she doesn’t read my blog).

As Mrs. Porter and Mrs. Fons would say, I worked on onesies last night. I ran out of steam when I came face to face with the mountain of squares that now need to be ironed.

You don’t see any chilli pepper fabric in my onesies, you say. Here’s the fabric waiting to be cut up into large squares and triangles.

When finished, the quilt will be small enough to hang in my sister’s kitchen. It will be laid out in a barn raising fashion. This is the first time I am working with triangles. Of course, I should also mention that this is only my 2nd quilt. Thankfully, it’s just going to my sister. Goodness knows she is not going to take a magnifying glass to my work. Or at least she better not!


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