ACEO Challenge – Take 2

As mentioned earlier this month, EtsyFAST challenged all its members to create a Fiber ACEO (Art Card Editions and Originals).

I am much happier with my second try at an ACEO. My first attempt came out very muted; the colors blended a bit too well.

Determined to create an ACEO that I would be proud of, I decided to try again. This time I cheated (by adding a ribbon rose … I don’t know that it falls within the “fiber” rules). I think it is better for it though.

The ribbon rose was made by me. (It’s a folded rose, tucked in half to lay a bit flatter than it normally would). The background was knitted in a herringbone pattern with rayon yarn, taken from my leftover stash. The ACEO was then hand tacked to a piece of felt to provide some stability.

I must say I enjoy making these ACEO’s, though this will be my last. They are quick to make thanks to their small size (3.5 inches by 2.5 inches).


One thought on “ACEO Challenge – Take 2

  1. Glad you did a couple of the ACEOs, they look great here and in the search on Etsy for etsyfast ACEO

    My favorite is actually the muted one. The bright is pretty too, and the rose a lovely touch.

    Also, this card introduced me to rayon yarn. DUH! did not know about rayon yarn before – it had just not come into my awareness. So thanks for the eyecandy in the cards and the learning as well.

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