Ready for Stripes

The walls beneath the chair rail have been primed and painted a boring white.

Elly helped. Remember how I recommended a shower cap for your young helper?
Well, a shower or painter’s cap is recommended for you too.

(That’s white paint in my hair. I don’t have quite that much white/grey in my hair yet though I’m working on it.)

I never needed a hat before Elly insisted upon helping. It’s clear I could use one now.

Back to my crazy stripe project.
Several of the stripes will be left white while the others will be painted yellow, green and orange.

I can’t wait to start painting the stripes. The thought of all those bright colors makes me deliriously happy.

Lots of prep work has to come first. Stripes have to be measured, drawn and taped. A painter’s cap must be obtained.


5 Years to Paint 1 Dresser

Maybe it was 6 years. I don’t recall when I started this project. All I know is that I became dreadfully bored with painting the dresser white and found a million projects to keep me busy instead. So, the dresser looked like this for at least 5 years.

It might have stayed like this forever if Dan hadn’t teased me about it.

Even after pulling all the drawers out and moving the dresser downstairs, I had to give myself more than one pep talk to knock the priming and painting out.

I just don’t like painting things white. Give me turquoise or red and I’ll jump for joy, but white bores me. After a while, it even depresses me. It’s no fun at all.

And to think I have several doors and radiator covers that need to be painted white. I hope it will take me considerably less time to finish them all.

Do you have any home DIY projects that you are dragging your feet over? Do share!

Fabric for our Party Dresses

Isn’t it beautiful?

I just love it.

The main fabric is an iridescent purple taffeta purchased from

The lace fabric was brought back from our trip to Mexico last year.

Both dresses will be lined with white lining fabric.

Though I had purchased lilac tulle for the underskirt, I am having buyer’s remorse. It might be too much purple. Gold or white tulle might be better. Maybe I should match the tulle to the trim I plan to add to the dresses. Of course, I need to decide on what color trim to add. A trip to my local sewing store is in order. Oh, joy!