Next Paint Project

Now that the living room is done, it is time to start painting something else. Two candidates came to mind.

First, the dining room needs to be finished. I have my heart set on orange walls above of the chair rail and orange stenciling over the yellow paint below the chair rail. Soon every room in our house will have bright colors – just you wait.

Second, the porch is in a sad state with peeling paint everywhere.

Since the dining room can be done at anytime of the year, the porch takes priority as I can only paint it during the summer. It could be painted in the Fall too, but then I am having to hope for a stretch of no rain. Rain is less plentiful in the summer though I imagine the humidity will not be helpful, but you can’t have everything.

Saturday morning was spent scraping the old, flaking paint off. Elly helped for a total of 2 minutes before she hopped on her rocking horse.

After I finish painting the porch, Elly has asked that we paint her rocking horse.

She would like it orange.

Great minds think alike!