Hand Knit Rug

The blue hand knit rug is finished.

Pattern: Ten Stitch Blanket by Frankie Brown
Yarn: Briggs n Little Heritage in navy blue and sewSpun yarn with Leaves (hand spun and hand dyed)

Although, I had intended it to be a bedroom rug, I ran out of steam to make it big enough. It looked ridiculously small laying beside the queen size bed, like I had stuck a postage stamp on a 9*12 envelope.

So, it found a new home underneath the half moon table in the hallway.

Though I have yet to catch him on camera, Jake has found a way to squeeze at least half of his body onto this small rug. Poor Jake. He is still upset with us for throwing the old green carpet in the trash.

Because She Wanted a Hat Like Mine

On a recent walk around the block with Jake the dog, Elly complimented the headband I was wearing. It looks similar to the one found here. And perhaps because she knows I can and do occasionally knit, she asked if I had made it. I hadn’t though; it was a gift.

Elly continued to admire my headband, especially the flower on it. It was beautiful. What’s more; it would look beautiful on her.

Rather than ask me to give her the one on my head or ask me to buy her one just like it, she asked if I could knit her a hat with a flower on it. I said yes immediately.

It took me about a month to knit it. I sewed the flower on Christmas Eve – just in time to wrap it and put it under the tree.

Pattern: Fabulous Hat by Meghan Jones
Yarn: Manos del Uruguay in natural and Handspun wool yarn in green

May she always believe that any pretty hat she takes a liking to can be knit by Mom.

Missing Santa

Elly still talks about Santa and presents.

She was upset that we put away the Christmas decorations yesterday. She’s not the only one missing Santa.

I have an assembly line of stockings being made in my sewing room.
I found this fabric in my stash and it told me that it wanted to be a stocking.

When fabric talks, I try to listen.
Once I started cutting out the fabric for one stocking, I found more fabric that would look perfect hanging on a mantle.

Dan was surprised to learn that I was making stockings. We each have one. Elly has 2 stockings. My neighbor gave me 3 handknit stockings this year. What will I do with these stockings once they are complete? I don’t know. I refuse to worry about such trivial details.