Making an Army

Of gingerbread men and women!

The Ninja cookie cutters were a gift from my cousin, but you can get your set here. They were a hoot to decorate.

The recipe for the gingerbread cookies that I use year after year came from a book that was gifted to me many years ago when I was still a kid in college. It was perhaps my first cookie cookbook, the Pillsbury Best Cookies Cookbook.

Elly helped of course. The decorating set I bought from Pampered Chef were just perfect for her little hands.

The cookies she decorated are featured below. I especially love the trees.

Merry Christmas!

A Kitchen Wiz at 2

I love to brag that Elly knows more about how to cook and bake than her Daddy does.

When Elly was 15 months old, I started letting her help me in the kitchen.

A year later, the list of tasks Elly can accomplish on her own is amazing.

1. Turn the stand alone mixer on and off.
2. Inform Daddy of all the hot surfaces and hot food.
3. Crack an egg.
4. Wash dishes.

5. Turn the faucet on and off.
6. Cut open packaging with scissors.
7. Slice cheese.

8. Remind me to put our aprons on.
9. Knead bread.
10. Pour items into bowls.
11. Smash nuts into smaller bits.
12. Sprinkle salt over popcorn.

Of course, her favorite task is to taste test. Often Elly complains when I put the uncooked dough in the oven.

I only wish I had more pictures of us in the kitchen together.

(All photos by me except the last one was taken by Elly’s Aunt Michelle). 

Elly’s 1st Apron

Elly loves to help me in the kitchen now. A step stool sits in front of the island so Elly can reach the countertop. Stirring is still difficult for her but she keeps trying.

Jake cleans up most of her spills. When she’s not stirring, she’s tasting. Often she ends up covering her face along with whatever she’s wearing in flour. Rather than change her clothes repeatedly and in turn have to do more laundry, I whipped her up an apron.

Full details about the pattern and fabric can be found on my Elly-Made blog.