Happy Dance in my Kitchen

Finally, the last of the kitchen cabinets are painted!

I’m so happy! It looks better than I imagined it would.

Before I just loved the layout of my kitchen and the awesome stove, but now I love the feel of the whole room. It’s so bright and cheerful! Somebody pinch me.

Before with the 1970’s avocado green

Now with the turquoise 

Oh sure, I still have a laundry list of things that need to be upgraded, like the floor, the faux vent, the backsplash, and the island. And I would cut my left arm off just to get some more lighting. But all those things cost considerably more than a can of paint, so they’ll have to wait.


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TDC Before and After

Degreasing Cabinets

Palmolive, hot water, a scouring pad and a little bit of elbow grease were all I needed to remove years of grease and grime.

If you want to preserve the current paint or finish, then I wouldn’t recommend using the same technique. The scouring pad removed a layer of paint with the unwanted grime, but that just saves me time and effort. I can now skip the sanding step and jump straight to the priming step.

The only challenge lies in how to keep Elly occupied with her washable paints while I paint over all the avocado green. Wish me luck.

A Turquoise Makeover

I love my kitchen.

True, it is stuck in the 1960’s but I think the outdated decor gives it charm. Besides the stove is to die for with extra space in between the burners and two ovens.

I have received lovely comments about the avocado green cabinets. I have tried to live with the color these past 6 years. I have even tried to embrace it by making a matching fan cover

(see it above the stove?) and lining the shelves in green.

Yet, the color just feels drab to me.

So, yesterday I decided to see what different colors would look like on the cabinets by painting small sections with acrylic paint. First, I tried red. It was nice. Then, I tried my favorite color turquoise.

I just stood there grinning from ear to ear. It made me so happy. This was the color for me!

Can you see it?

Unfortunately, some prep work has to be done before I can paint the cabinets. There are years worth of grease coating the cabinets that must be scrubbed off first. I’m hoping Dawn will make mean work of it.