Sunday Snapshots (of warm weather)

Before the recent cold snap hit, there was enough warm weather to pull out the new sprinkler.

With 80’s predicted for at least two days this week, rest assured that the sprinkler will get some more love.

Though if Elly gets her way, “Cookie Monster” will finally be blown up. She hasn’t played in it for about 9 months, but darned if she hasn’t forgotten.

Gahh, look at the chub on her! So cute! Not even a year has passed, but all that baby fat is gone.

It all went to her height. My little girl is getting tall.

No doubt she’ll pass me in a few short years.

Sunday Snapshots (of Weavers Orchard)

This was our 2nd visit to Weavers Orchard.

Though other children were picking blueberries, I had no luck in convincing Elly that we should join their efforts. Elly only had eyes for the animals.

When she wasn’t chatting with the goats and chickens, she was scaling the playground.

Unfortunately, even after only 6 hours in the sun, the wooden ladder and the plastic slide were hot to the touch.

After about an hour of playing and buying fruits from the Farmer’s Market, we came home to play in “Cookie Monster”.

Pool Weather

Today was in the 80’s, so I decided it was time to bring out the pool.

I helped Elly into her new birthday suit that she received as an Easter present.

I blew up the pool.

Elly did the rest. She filled up the pool with water.

She climbed in as soon as there was an inch of water in the pool.

She played with her pool toys.

Even our neighbor stopped by to see Elly in her pool.

The water was a bit cold, but that didn’t faze Elly. Eventually, she asked to get out, but I think it was more hunger than cold.

I anticipate us getting a lot of use out of this little pool this summer.