The Case of the 4-inch Window

One window in our living room has had a 4-inch window.

It was designed around the AC unit that came with the house. As everything that came with the house, the AC unit was at least 30 years old. Naturally, the old AC unit died.

The new AC unit was not as large as the old unit. For at least 2 years, we have had a piece of wood jammed in between the new AC unit and the 4-inch window.

My neighbor who designed the 4-inch window is terribly proud of his invention.

The local window company agreed with our assessment: a 4-inch window is stupid to have.

On Friday, the old window was removed and a new window was installed.

I can’t wait for warm Spring weather to arrive. For the first time in 8 years, I will be able to open this window.

Elly loved the whole process. She loved chatting with Chad, the gent who installed our new window. She even loved helping me clean up the mess afterwards.