Sunday Snapshots (of my birthday weekend)

I turned 37 today, but the party started yesterday as all good birthday parties should.

Yesterday, Elly and I went to the Bug Fest at the Academy of Natural Sciences with my best friend and her 2 sons.

Elly held a cockroach.

I did not.

Then, she pinned a dead one to a piece of foam so we could take it home. Joy.

When she grew tired of the bugs, which took several hours, we went across the street to an awesome park with a huge fountain in the middle of it.

Elly climbed on the different animals.

This morning, Elly helped me decorate my birthday cake.

It was a blueberry cake with cream cheese icing. I stole the recipe from Lofty Bites.

In the afternoon, we went to the Elmwood Zoo with family.

The best part was when she got to ride the pony.

Elly was also delighted when she got to feed the chickens a leaf, which went surprisingly in her favor. They actually took it from her … repeatedly.

Of course, the playground in the middle of the zoo was also a big hit. The tire swing in particular put a huge smile on Elly’s face.

So, yeah, it was a great birthday weekend. I got to spend time with family, with great friends, with my 2 godsons, with Dan and with my sweet Elly. Thanks to all who made it so and to all who wished me a happy day.