Finished Knitting

I was going to write a post about how I ran out of yarn on the final section of the 7th and last hexagon. It was comical because when I made the trip to my LYS last month, I had picked up an extra skein of the Wool Clasica by Manos del Uruguay. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t need it, but got it anyway for insurance purposes. Besides, it would be nice to have some in my stash, I reasoned. Yeah, that is the skein I used up completely while knitting the last hexagon.

I ordered more yarn, but no longer need it. I found a small ball of Wool Clasica in my project bag. It was so small that I didn’t think there was any chance that it would be enough to knit the last few rows.

But, it was.

Dance of joy followed by a huge sigh of relief.
The blanket is finished (except for the finishing) before my May 15th deadline and before the summer weather arrived.

Yesterday morning, I seamed up all the hexagons.

Now, I just have to sew the pieces together. Unfortunately, it’s a bit fiddly since the stripes need to line up. It’s going to take a lot of patience and a glass or two of port, I think.

Pool Weather

Today was in the 80’s, so I decided it was time to bring out the pool.

I helped Elly into her new birthday suit that she received as an Easter present.

I blew up the pool.

Elly did the rest. She filled up the pool with water.

She climbed in as soon as there was an inch of water in the pool.

She played with her pool toys.

Even our neighbor stopped by to see Elly in her pool.

The water was a bit cold, but that didn’t faze Elly. Eventually, she asked to get out, but I think it was more hunger than cold.

I anticipate us getting a lot of use out of this little pool this summer.