War on Weeds

Last year we had our Colorado blue spruce tree cut down. Unsure what I wanted to plant in its stead, I let the spot lay fallow. Boy, that was a big mistake. Weeds took over.

These aren’t the sort of weeds that you can grab at the base and pull out. These weeds are evil. They are common milkweed, I think.

Their roots are similar to a dandelion but longer and riddled with rhizomes. Like a dandelion, if you don’t remove the entire root system, it will grow back. Ask me how I know. grrrr.

I found the best way to remove them was with a shovel. I would insert the shovel directly in front of one of the weeds and without pulling the shovel back out of the earth, I pushed down on the shovel handle just until the earth was loosened. Then, I searched through the loose earth for the roots of the weeds. Grabbing each weed by the root, I was able to slowly clear the land.

Afterwards, I planted 3 fast growing coreopsis flowers. More flowers will be planted when I divide up the day lillies.

I wish I could announce that I was done, but alas no. There are more of these evil weeds in front of my lilac bushes. Plus, the lily of the valley, another  invasive weed plant that grows through the use of rhizomes, needs to be eradicated from the bed next to my veggie garden.  I have dreams of an herb garden.