Replacing an Attached Cushion

Spurred on by my success of replacing the old seat cushion, I announced to Dan that I was going to replace all the cushions on the wingback chair. Dan thought the only way I could accomplish such a task was to reupholster the chair. I knew I didn’t want to do that. So, I set out to prove him wrong.

I won.

A quick search on the internet found instructions on eHow.

Perhaps reupholstering the chair would have been easier, but if I staple the new fabric on I can kiss goodbye the ability of ever washing it. Light colored fabric coupled with a small child makes washing a necessity.

The hard part will come when I try to shove the new cushion back into the attached fabric of the chair, but I’m a determined gal.

An eagle eye will notice that the muslim cover to the seat cushion has an error. Read more about it here.