Booty from Pottstown Knit Out

Saturday’s snow storm only managed to delay the start of the Pottstown Knit Out by 2 hours.

I arrived minutes before my class started, giving the organizers a bit of a scare. But, I couldn’t resist taking Elly out in the snow. Once outside, I noticed my 91-year-old neighbor’s walkway had not been shoveled. Refusing to let her do it herself, I took my helpers over to clear her sidewalk and driveway.

I will no longer roll my eyes when Dan informs me he really wants to buy a snow blower. Shoveling snow is hard work! I fully support his decision now.

Back to my story of the Knit Out …. My class went great. All attendees agreed that charts finally made sense. It gave me such a great feeling.

Knowing I barely have time to knit these days, I did not buy any of the gorgeous yarns seen. Instead I bought me a new knitting bag.

Isn’t it wonderful? It’s handmade by Ruth Raisner. Get your Phillies bag here.

Go Phillies!